How do I know you’re as accurate as you say you are?

  • We have evaluated over 20 different statistical forecasting algorithms. Each one gets thrown at the data to determine trends, historical patterns, seasonality, randomness (like a shooting tragedy), and a variety of other factors to find the best fit.
  • Our software automatically holds out a portion of data where we know the values, then compares the forecasted values vs. the actuals.
    • As an example, we might take historical data from mid 2013 to mid 2017 and then forecast forward six months.  We then compare the forecasted to the actuals.  The algorithm that gets closest to the actual values is the one that gets selected to drive the future forecast where no actuals have yet occurred.
  • But, we want you to prove us. Let us show you what we can do.  If we can prove that we’re accurate and can provide the results we promise, why not work with us?

Is there any kind of free trial?

  • There are two options:
    • You provide us your last year’s total units sold and we provide you a projection of your units sold each month this year.
      • While you know that number, of course; we do not.  Compare the numbers we provide you with your actuals and determine how close we are.  If we are close, you can have confidence in using our projections going forward.
      • This is a free report we will provide you.
    • We can provide you a two month trial, with full access to the software, at a reduced price during that timeframe. If you like it, then prices will raise to normal levels.

What kinds of data can I forecast?  Are the forecasts accurate against other types of data?

  • Any numeric data the forecasting algorithms can handle. So, if you want to forecast units, or revenues, or costs, or prices, etc., you just paste your data into our Excel template and the forecast will run.

Can I download data to Excel?

  • Absolutely! We’d love to give you a demo and show you this functionality.

What’s the time commitment or contract length?

  • You are required to sign a contract, which both protects our intellectual property and our data, as well as your data anything confidential you upload. That contract lasts for 12 months.  If you desire to cancel at the conclusion of the term, anything you have stored on our servers will be erased.

What’s the billing frequency?

  • You sign an annual contract but billing occurs monthly. You take the total investment and divide by 12 to get the monthly amount.

What kinds of customer support do you offer?

  • We offer a library of explainer videos on our site to help you with questions you may have. We also offer phone and email support as needed.
  • If you want more custom consulting time – i.e. time with you and your team at your offices, custom development work, board presentations, etc. – we offer that as well and will work with you on scope and price.