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  • Improve Forecast Accuracy to >90% With the Only Forecasting Tool
    Built for Firearms Industry CFOs

How We Help You

Better forecasts = More profit

MarketPlace Insight is the only forecasting software built specifically and exclusively for the firearms and outdoors industry.

Our forecast accuracy is typically above 90%, meaning what we predict will happen and what actually happens is nearly identical.

This leads to gains like revenue increases of 2% and gross margin increases of 3-5% .

In addition to our proprietary forecasting capability, we also provide retail point-of-sale data and social media data to help make your forecasts better. As a sister company to the largest outdoors auction platform, GunBroker.com, Marketplace Insight has exclusive access to data from GunBroker’s 5.5 million unique monthly visitors and nearly $1B yearly in firearms and accessories.

Marketplace Insight

Project Future Trends Based on Historical Data

About Marketplace Insight

MarketPlace Insight is the only data and analytics firm in the firearms industry focused on CFOs. We provide CFOs with more accurate forecasts using our proprietary suite of predictive analytics algorithms. We’ve evaluated over 20 and use over a dozen and then mesh them together to generate over 100 possible forecasting algorithms to project future trends based on historical data.

You can run our algorithms on your data, or we can supply you with retail point-of-sale data from GunBroker.com and from social media to help you get a more accurate forecast. We work with our clients to drive top line revenue, bottom line profits, reduced inventory and holding costs, and better production and merchandising decisions.

Forecasting Packages



We offer Powerful Insights into: 
Market Share and Sales Trends by category, subcategory and overall. Model specific competitive trending and pricing.



Aggregated & Detailed Reporting on:
Historical and predictive pricing analysis. Sales and unit trends, offering breakdown and contribution, and year over year performance. Buyer and Seller location and performance.



Market Reporting on:
Industry trends, patterns and date performance.



The Industry’s Largest Online Firearms Network:

  • Consumer demographics across all 18MM unique monthly visitors
  • Ability to segment based on brand, type, usage & characteristic
  • Trend analytics on types or segments of consumers

Market Intel with Retail & Social Data

We Know The Market

A statistical forecast offers a non-biased baseline. Given patterns in your data and recent trends and assuming that you continue with business as usual, it’s a very accurate projection of what to expect. But, a forecast should be just that: a baseline you use to help you make better business decisions.

Once you have a forecast you trust, you can begin to ask questions about the market, like:

  • Have our competitors introduced a new product that is gaining traction that might affect our sales?
  • Are there certain product features that people are raving about?
  • Is brand loyalty or share of voice increasing for our brand or are competitors?
  • Are there new entrants we need to be paying attention to?
  • How is our advertising and branding efforts being perceived?
  • What do people think of our rebates, promos, or giveaways?
  • Are there shifts in price that we need to be aware of that could impact our market position?

This kind of information will help you in making business decisions and will ultimately affect your forecast. In order to have that kind of intelligence, you, as the CFO, need a pulse on what your customers are thinking. And you need it unfiltered, directly from the source – your customers themselves.

Social media data is the best public opinion data out there. But, it’s so unstructured and varied, that it’s hard to use or make sense of. We’ve fixed that and combine market intelligence from social media with retail point-of-sale data to get the best picture of the market out there.

We provide this intelligence to you as a series of easy to use dashboards just like we’ve done with our forecasting algorithms. You can add our market intelligence package and incorporate real-time market feedback into your forecasts and what-if scenario planning.

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